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Would you like content that makes you a more disability-inclusive authority? Do you struggle... Read more

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Maverick Paradox Magazine (How to Empower Employees With Invisible Disabilities) SIC (5 Reliable Job-Search Tips for Blind People (+ 3 LinkedIn Profile Tips) Raising Kellan  (Web copy, About page) Lara Guide Dog... Read more


Would you like to become a more disability-confident business?Do you wonder how you can build a strong, empathetic culture of accessibility in your business?In these blog posts, you'll learn how to become a disability-confident business so you can encourage accessibility, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond. Warm wishes. Lia and Lilly 🖤 Read more

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Lilly Let's Talk Do you have questions about content writing empowering accessibility and inclusion? Or wonder how to create accessible social media content? I’d love to... Read more

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