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Social Media Accessibility Training

LinkedIn Social Media Accessibility Training

Would you like to become a more accessibility-confident content creator?  

In this social media accessibility training, you’ll learn the basic principles of accessibility and social media content.

You'll learn how to use the in-built tools of the major social media platforms, and how to create accessible content. 

What's Included

Understand how blind, deafblind, and low vision people engage with online/digital content. 

Learn how to use inbuilt accessibility tools of popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Threads, etc.)

You'll be able to use inclusive language, create image descriptions, and use accessible colour and contrast.

You'll also learn to create social media content step-by-step.

Basic Principles of Accessibility and Content

What is accessible social media? 

What to check when creating graphics, videos, images, stories, and reels. 

Ethics and reputation 

Using In-Built Tools and Posting

From creating to publishing

The six social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Threads, and Youtube.

Covering the in-built accessibility tools

Case Study and Questions

We will look at your past content and identify accessibility issues 

You will create accessible content

Questions and answers 

Who is it for? 

People and organizations with staff or clients who are blind or partially sighted 

People and organizations creating social media content 

Training Material

Disability Writer Guidebook

"No Accessible Social Media Content?"

Your #1 Guidebook to creating accessible social media content.


3.5 hours

In-company: € 650 (including guidebook, excluding travel costs)  ​

Online: €450 (including guidebook)

Lia Stoll, a light-skinned woman with blond hair wearing dark-framed glasses and a blue shirt smiling
Lia Stoll, a light-skinned woman with blond hair wearing dark-framed glasses and a blue shirt smiling at you.

Hi, I'm Lia

Your Disability Writer (and total social media accessibility devoteeee).

I spend wayyyy too much time on the buzzing social media platform than I'd like to admit. And, I've experienced the disappointing barriers of its inaccessible content.

The good news is, I know how to remove those barriers and create delightful, engaging, and accessible content. And I can do it for you too.

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