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Social Media Accessibility Training

Social media accessibility training 

Would you like to become a more accessibility-confident content creator?  

In this social media accessibility training, you’ll learn the basic principles of accessibility and social media content.

You'll learn how to use the in-built tools of the major social media platforms, and how to create accessible content. 


  • Understand how blind, deafblind, and partially sighted people engage with online/digital content. 
  • Learn how to use inbuilt accessibility tools of popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Threads, etc.)


  • Using inclusive language
  • Image Descriptions
  • Colour and Contrast
  • Create social media content step-by-step

Part 1: Basic Principles of Accessibility and Content Creation

  • What is accessible social media? 
  • What to check when creating graphics, videos, images, stories, and reels. 
  • Ethics and reputation 

Part 2: Using In-Built Tools and Posting

  • From creating to publishing
  • The six social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Threads and Youtube 
  • Covering the in-built accessibility tools

Part 3: Case Study and Questions  

  • We will look at your past content and identify accessibility issues 
  • You will create accessible content
  • Questions and answers 

Who is this training for? 

  • People and organizations with staff or clients who are blind or partially sighted 
  • People and organizations creating social media content 

Training Material

  • Disability Writer Guidebook, "No Accessible Social Media Content?" Your #1 Guidebook to creating accessible social media content.


2 hours 



  • € 650 (including guidebook, excluding travel costs)  ​


  • €450 (including guidebook)
Lia Stoll, a light-skinned woman wearing seeing glasses and a black shirt.

Hi, I'm Lia

Your Disability Writer (and total social media accessibility nerd)

I work with experts, consultants, and thought leaders turning their insights into content.

I’m also a bit of a social media accessibility nerd. I spend waaay more time on the buzzing platform than I’d like to say.

And, I’ve experienced the disappointing barriers of its inaccessible content.

The good news is, I know how to remove those barriers and create delightful, engaging, and accessible content.

And I can do it for you.

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